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Can you live off breaking?

Most common ways people live off Breakin’


 1.Owning A Dance Studio 

Opening a dance studio is the most common way a breaker can earn a living doing what he loves to do. It opens up connections with the community and gives you a space to have open sessions, events, workshops etc…  This is also great for breakers who get married and have families to take care of. It provides a better way of stability and constant money flow. Usually the studios must have other types of classes to compensate but there is some studios out there that are only Breakin'. 



Teaching is also another great way to earn a decent income while doing what you love. The seasons are predictable and once you start off the times will not change throughout the year. Some studios are different but this is how most studios operate. For a breaker best thing I can recommend is teaching at multiple studios so you can have a decent amount income to live well. One thing about teaching is once you start teaching over 12-20 classes a week that's when your skills can really start taking a down fall. You will spend more time working on choreography and shows than having a chance to train. I can truly say this one from experience. If you love to teach and are ok with the hours then go for it!


3. Events and Competitions

This is for big promoters of special events or people who are holding them consistently. This is more likely possible in high populated areas like New York, LA, Tokyo,  and Berlin. Earning a full income off of this I have only heard a couple people and be prepared to work! If you are not a well known figure in the local community it can be hard to start off. To start off have another job and use the money from your job to hold a couple of events if there is market for it in your area and your making a profit and it benefits the community well the rest is up to you.


4. Workshops

I have met a couple people who actually live off holding workshops but they are very few. Most of them actually did other various styles of dance and taught at more mainstream conventions and events. The events were large workshop events made for dance studios to come learn from various teachers. Most people who do workshops have something else going on also either they are professional dancers or own their own studios. It can pay off very well though.


5.Professional Dancers

 Being a professional dancer is probably most difficult and if you are willing to pursue it then great! Many breakers who pursue this are on the constant lookout out for auditions. You have to learn to advertise yourself in the way that agencies and companies will hire you. Most breakers can get gigs in music videos, commercials, tours, theater companies and more. From the people I have met who are professional dancers it seems that they are always on the go and have to be ready at any given moment for an audition. If you look to pursue this be very professional. Have professional headshots, website (optional), well built resume, learn other styles and learn to do choreography! Also some great places to audition would include Las Vegas, LA, New York, and various parts of Europe. 


6. Other

Sometimes through creativity we can create another type of passion that can be utilized in the Breakin' Community. Many companies like The Bboy Spot, The Legits, Funk & Furios have found ways to stay within the community by selling products, hosting events, offering news and even sponsoring Breakers in doing so. If one of the top options are not for you maybe there is something that is still to be discovered where you can create a company that will be able to serve the Breakin' community. The opportunities are endless. 


These are just a few of the ways that I have personally spoke to people about how they have made a living with their passion in Breakin'. Remember it's ok to go to school and pursue a different career no one is stopping you. Just do what you love. Sometimes as we get older we feel like Breakin' becomes farther and farther from us because of life responsibilities and family. If you really are dedicated to the movement there is always a place for you. Just communicate with others and opportunities will open. 


If you have anything to add to this list we would love to hear your story.


Break Circle Team