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Benefits Of A Headspin Beanie

Headspin Beanie Benefits

Practice for a dancer is very important & having the right equipment can really make a huge difference in the way you practice. For breakers there is a variety of different gear that can boost your confidence and protect you from injuries.


Benefits of a Headspin Beanie


1. Prevents bald spot (Protects hair)

2. Helps improve rotations 

3. Provides protection for head

4. Helps with confidence in moves

5. Improves quality of practices


Prime objective of a headspin beanie is to help you with your practices and possibly battles. 



Break Circle has innovated a Headspin Beanie developed for continuous wear for a long lasting period of time. We looked at all the headspin beanies in the market and developed are own version using pro grade materials. 


Here is a closer look of what you have for protection.

From Break Circle Headspin Beanie



We tested the product for 6 months with various breakers to receive feedback. All products from Break Circle have been tested for a minimum of 6 months prior to release. 


We fixed any issues with the beanie and will continue to improve our design and products based on customer reviews and testers.


Break Circle