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Best Floor For Breakin?

This is probably the most important investment you will make besides your audio.

Through the many years of dancing one of the greatest benefits of having your own space is creating it to suit your likes and needs. I personally have always enjoyed having a home based practice area where I can get in the zone. I started with an 8x8 old rugged cardboard and now have a fully operational hybrid dance floor and space that is portable and has not failed me to this day. Here are some types of floors that I have used that are great for Breakin’

Cement flooring is not listed because I highly suggest you do not dance on cement without any floor layered on top of it. Dancing on cement will cause damage to tendons and joints. It also puts you at a higher risk for other injuries. Don't wait until it's too late.


3 Best Types of floors best For Breakin’


Sprung Wood Floor

Sprung floors absorb shocks giving it a softer feel they are used for studios and many indoor sports and physical education locations. They greatly reduce injuries and work amazing for breakin’

Price: $$$

For Breakin’ by far the sprung floor is the best. Sprung floors have a cushion like feel but still providing the slick feel like a traditional wood floor would give. The downside is they do have a high price range

Where to get?

Harlequin Floors



Sheet Vinyl Floor

Vinyl Flooring is a new type of flooring in the market. Sheet Vinyl Is made of artificial rubber, plastic, pvc, linoleum & vinyl. They can have the realistic look of wood and cement flooring and can be a fraction of the price as traditional floors.

Price: $$

For Breakin’ vinyl flooring has worked very well for those who are on a budget. It provides the great grip and slickness of a wood floor, but also is portable. This works great if you are planning on moving your floor constantly.  

Where to get?




Foam Floor

Foam floor is soft, yet durable and comes in a various amount of densities. It provides grip and gets rid of the fear factor when practicing moves. Foam floor is highly used in Karate studios, wrestling, gymnastics, etc…

Price: $

For Breakin’ foam floor is awesome for practicing power moves that do not require the a smooth floor. It provides great cushion and can prevent you from getting injuries. It is also one of the least expensive floors available.

Where to get?

Menards, Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, K-Mart, Target

Rubber Flooring


My suggestion

The best floor I have created was a hybrid floor using eva foam panels and vinyl flooring. You put the eva foam down first and cover the eva foam with sheet vinyl. After you cover it you tape down the edges with Gorilla Tape or preferred choice of tape and you are good to go! Works best on cement wood or even carpet. If you are putting the floor on carpet use a cheaper tape so you don't tear the carpet when removing the tape.

This Hybrid Floor provides cushion, but does not lose the smoothness of a real floor. It does not limit you from moves, and can literally be placed anywhere. It is also very portable.


Want to make your own here is what you need.

For an 10 x 10

EVA Double Layer Foam= 69.99 from Ebay

or any type of foam

Vinyl Floor 10 x 10 = $100 from Menards

Total= $170.00

For over 5 years of daily practice sessions well worth it!


I suggest whatever floor you choose to dance on don’t limit yourselves from dancing on other ones. When it comes to the battle the floor may be completely different than you expected. Try to practice at some local sessions that provide different types of floors.

This is just a suggestion from years of experience if you find something that works out great for you then awesome! 



Carlos (Break Circle Owner)