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How to Prepare for the battle

1. Practice, Practice, Practice

I know everyone always says practice makes perfect but, I would have to disagree. I can spend hours practicing but if my full focus is not there your practices are not as beneficial as if you were completely focused.

I would change the phrase to

“Perfect Practice Makes Perfect”

Every practice you should be improving even if it is .1%. Be fully focused and consistent; consistency is so important!! You should be tired after your practice and I don’t mean

“oh I think that’s enough for today”

That being said I highly recommend scheduling your practices. Know what your goal is for that day, week, and month. Make it a priority to stay on top of it.

For Example:


10 Flares

15 windmills


11 Flares

16 Windmills


Max Flares

Max Windmills


2. Open Your Mind

When I went to college for performing arts I was opened to a whole new world of the arts and it absolutely fascinated me. I have to admit it was very difficult to adapt to choreography, singing, and acting. I am very thankful for it though because through doing different activities it helped to include it into my dancing.

Now when I do a freestyle set I have the following in my mind already

The Mood/Emotion

The Character


Imaginary Location

This is just a few options you can always use.

Really open up to what’s out there and be imaginative. Breaking is an art form so paint your canvas. Be yourself and let loose if you have practiced the right way this will be no problem.

Next time you go battle try this technique.

3. Don’t copy moves

Don’t try to look like another breaker yes you can take moves from others but re-develop them in a completely new way. When it comes to the battle if you copy moves someone will be sure to call you out on it and that devalues the authenticity of your set.

4. Be innovative

There is to many dancers out there that just look like every other dancer. So many people say this but so many people don’t do it!!

Really apply this principle.

Be yourself and different!!

When I have watched battles I can count how many cc’s a person has used over and over in the same set. Create moves that no one has ever attempted even if it feels weird or awkward some great astonishing moves can come out of practicing out of the norm.

Just make sure that the moves you create are practiced to the point that they are easy to do if you will be using them in battle.

5. Meditation techniques

In traditional school daydreaming has always been frowned upon. But research shows when you think of doing something completely focused. Your brain uses the same energy as if you were actually doing it.

Practice full complete sets in your head step by step. Slow them down or speed them up.

This is a skill that has helped me dramatically over the years especially with choreography. Naturally many dancers already do this but, if you have not been exposed to this I highly recommend you begin.


When you have quite time throughout your day take 5-10 minutes and have a meditation session.

Imagine yourself anywhere in the world with whoever you want. Now imagine yourself dancing through your sets and feel your muscle groups being activated through your movements. If there is a part of your set you would like to experiment with stop it in your mind and try multiple ways to get in and out of it.

When you prepare and train you must also train mentally not just physically. Below is a great link to get more into this subject

Olympic Mind Hacks

Peace ,

Break Circle Owner