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Solo Training Guide For Breakin'

We all train to be the best that we can be when it comes to something we are truly passionate about. We do whatever it takes to push the limits. 

Some of us have the opportunities to train with other local dancers on a regular basis but, for some it's a struggle to find just 1 dedicated training partner which then results to the many many solo practices to endure weekly. 


I for myself once lived in a small town of about 10000 people. The people who live there had a structured life style with family, friends and lots of farming and no knowledge of the Hip Hop culture whatsoever which is not a bad thing. It just makes it very difficult to stay focused on your craft.  I come back to visit family and feel so out of place. So for those out there who are struggling to stay in the culture because of your location do not let it hold you back I totally understand here are some tips I have learned over the years to keep your solo training at top level.


1. Take time to download good music.

Usually when you are with a group of people the music is not such a big issue you let the DJ play some breaks and you get down, but when you are on your own music is huge! Since it's just you training, get music that will help you stay focused and most importantly keep it fun. You do not want to turn your passion into a chore. If you play the same music over and over trust me you will get tired of it.


2. Have a Plan.

When you solo train having a plan is very crucial. You don't have others to feed off their energy and creativity. It's just you and the dance floor, so create a plan to what you will be working on and keep it consistent. 


3. Motivation

Sometimes when you are training on your own constantly keeping your self inspired is hard. Every day take time to watch a video about life or breakin' to keep you motivated. Find something that gives you inspiration and keeps you going whatever that may be. 


4. Creativity

Being creative in breakin' is what sets you apart in battles/cyphers this is all you. This is where you can actually take advantage of the solo time you have. There is no one watching no one can take your moves and what you make will be seen by only you. Take time to develop your style and innovate. 

Try this exercise

Do 10 sets that you would use for a breakin' battle. 

Each set must be completely different you cannot reuse moves.


5. Be Consistent


The downside to training alone is that there is no one to keep you accountable for training. Even though it is just you make sure to set up your practice times and BE THERE ON TIME. 2nd Push your limits on a weekly basis. Last thing is you might be the only one in your area breakin' but there is a whole world out there and when you are slacking there is someone out there training harder than you. 


Hope this helps for all those who are training solo constantly.




Break Circle Owner