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Breaking In Olympics?


The world has taken notice of the Breaking scene and what happens next?


There are many people who have many thoughts regarding the Olympics stating it will ruin the Breaking scene and others stating that it will make a huge change. The reality is though we won't know what will happen until it actually happens. Break Circle supports the idea of bringing it to Olympics as it will only make the dance bigger. There will still be underground battles and cypher's no matter what happens. 

This situation is very similar to the scene of skateboarding. It started underground and built it's way up into televised events and competitions but they still have their local practice spots and hang out's. 

There may be huge craze after Olympics if media starts adding more B-Boys and B-Girls to commercials and kids will want to dive into the culture and just like every decade there will be some who will commit for a lifetime and others that enjoy it for the time being. 

So after all being said as long as we all enjoy what we do and support each other in what we all in the Breaking scene love than that's whats it's all about. 

Peace Love and Having Fun



Break Circle Team