Las Vegas Nevada 89149

Sponsored Events

Easy Breakdance Supernaturals Crew Workshop (2018)

Skillz East Africa Mityana Cypher (2018)

Hip Hop Dance Tour Cerebro(2018)

Organix Crew 5 Year Anniversary (2018)

The Refuge Various events (2017-2018)

Street Dreamers Documentary (2017)

Rep the World Wide Brand

Represent the brand that cares about the Breakin' scene. We believe in the products we offer for the benefit of dancers worldwide. 

What do we offer as a sponsor?

We offer design services, apparel, accessories, prizes for events.

How to get sponsored?

Send us a message and let us know what you can do for us if we sponsor you as a dancer, crew or event

What locations do you sponsor?

We sponsor World Wide